Wholesale Nursery

Wholesale Nursery

We closed our garden center on June 30th 2017…our wholesale nursery continues through September 2018 in the final stages of liquidation as we sell off remaining equipment, supplies and properties.  

Since 1947 we have offered ground covers, perennials and shrubs from our propagation greenhouses and our container operation.  Through September 2018 we continue to sell off equipment and supplies in a process of liquidation.  By November 2018 we hope to sell our remaining properties.  Our 12-acre Sasu Farm on North Ridge Road will stay in the business under new ownership by Beardslee Nursery!  This transaction was completed in December 2017.

The Gilson Family was fortunate to remain stewards of these lands for seventy years…beginning in 1947.  The Main Farm originated around 1920 under the ownership of a Polish Immigrant.  One of his primary customers was Storrs & Harrison Nursery, founded in 1854 and located a few miles down North Ridge Road.  We are proud to have played a part in this historic nursery legacy near the shores of Lake Erie!

Contact us at (440) 340-1150 for information and ordering.

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