Sunday Dinners

April 19, 2012

daffodilsI sneak over to the wholesale office sometimes because I can be near the copier and FAX machine. Also, I get to see what they’re up to in ‘wholesale’. The office is really a house that used to belong to Mark’s grand parents. I remember some Sunday Dinners there. Nanny Gilson would put her roast in the oven and then go to the Perry Methodist Church for Sunday services. When she got back, we would join her in the dining room. The roasts were pretty dry by then…but what great flavor! That’s when I got acquainted with Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce.

What a crazy beautiful Spring! So warm so early…and now so dry. My husband keeps saying that Mother Nature is angry at us. I think he may be right, for a change.

Monday was our youngest son’s 31st birthday. How did the years fly by? He works for Chemical Abstracts in Columbus and lives with his older brother in Hilliard. It’s great that they ended up such good friends. Both boys were up for Easter. We had a traditional sit-down dinner (no Lea & Perrins but our sons like Coleman’s Hot Mustard on their ham!) and great conversations. We miss them but we’re so proud! Our oldest son is a design engineer in research & development for Honda of America in Marysville.

We enjoyed the daffodils…and the tulips that the moles don’t get. Lots of Trillium this year at our farm on Antioch Road in North Perry. Every day at this time of year brings new treasures.