Summer Crews

August 13, 2011

summer-crewThis was the last week for most of our student workers and we’re going to miss them! We’ve had good crews and not-so-good crews over the years…several hundred local students have stood in line in front of the Gilson time clock since the early-1980s…and this was one of those years that restores your confidence and faith in the youth of America. I worried at first that these kids were too nice for our rough & tumble corporate culture…but they stayed on and seemed to really enjoy and appreciate the orrprtunity to work for $7.50 an hour. Instead of us dragging them down…they brought us up! It’s pretty boring work. Our adult crew…myself included…can be foul-humored, foul-mouthed and pretty loud somethimes. I like to think we ‘holler’ at people…buet we don’t ‘scream’…but sometimes it can be a murky distinction. This crew maintained a sense of humor and camarraderie…while ‘getting the job done’.

summer-crew-2It’s always amazed me how much impact one small business can have on the local community…good or bad! Our student ‘alumnus’ over the years…some of whom are forty-somethings now…are something Kris and I feel good about. It’s not the plants we remember over the years…but the faces…and it’s good to reflect sometimes that our crops of workers, young and old, are ultimately more important thatn the perennials and shrubs and ground covers.