Summer 2018

August 30, 2018

Our efforts to conclude matters with our primary lender continue to drag on in a never-ending Kafkaesque story.

And yet…life goes on!

Our oldest son, Matthew, was married to his sweetheart in July on a beach in North Perry.  They met at Honda where she works as a mechanical engineer.  Originally from Juarez, she retains her Mexican and well as US citizenship.   After a small ceremony, we headed to Debonne Vineyard where Tony Debevc had found us a last-minute area for an improptu reception.  Lots of new friends!  Michael, our youngest son, flew in from San Francisco where he continues to work as a research scientist in bioinformatics at the University.

Kris continues her part-time work at Ballantines Florist in Mentor.  She also keeps up with her book club and card club as well as regular get-togethers with the ‘retail ladies’ from Gilsons.  Our 45th anniversary is this Saturday.  No matter how many days, weeks, months away, we always add...if we make it that far…  

We continue our Latino-advocacy on the local scene, attending a pro-Immigrant rally at Cleveland Public Square in early July and opposing a pro-ICE resolution at County Commissioners meetings in August.

The nursery looks horrible!  Weeds are coming up everywhere!  Trees are falling on delapidated buildings!  The coopers hawks and the wild turkeys and the racoons and the deer don’t seem to mind.  But I seek to wrap up our office matters so I can move on to a real job somewhere!  I miss the containers and the pachysandra and the last-minute requests from the garden center.  ‘We have a customer waaaiting!’  But what I miss most of all…are the voices of so many great workers over the years…


Mark Gilson  August 30, 2018