May 6, 2015

We had a great time with Passport2Plants last weekend…seeing so many friends, old and new. The weather was great and everyone is anxious to get going in their garden and yard. People are looking for trees again. We had a red buckeye on our truck ready to be delivered…someone else saw it and wanted one too! What beautiful trees. We brought up lots of vegetable plants and annual flowers from our production greenhouses today. My Husband got all the benches set up and ready to go. Last week we brought in some tropical plants…mandevilla and others…today we brought in some specialty annuals from a grower in Elyria that we’ve been using for years and years. Lots of herbs and perennials from our own greenhouses.

openIt’s great to see all our feathered friends returning right on schedule! Last week we greeted our old friend the Kingfisher. This week we said hello to the barn swallows that will be dive-bombing us soon…the kildeers that make their nests on the ground…our first baltimore oriole (there’s a nest hanging from last year)…and the goldfinches in our back yard. Yesterday our first hummingbird of the season got caught in our greenhouse for a while. We’ve also been watching a hawk that is nesting in the Dawn Redwood behind the store. We think it might be a Cooper’s Hawk or a Sharp Shinned