Master Gardeners Wagon Tour

June 6, 2013

Whoa! Where did the Spring go! The Milky Way Kousa is blooming outside my office…many of the Rhodys are done! But here we go into the Summer Perennial Season! Salvias! Dianthus! Thymes!

We took 24 Master Gardeners on a wagon tour of our nursery on Tuesday and there was plenty to show them! Our place isn’t that neat and our maintenance in recent years has been haphazard, so we tried to get them loaded beforehand (with wine and beer). It worked! We all had a great time! Afterwards we enjoyed barbecue prepared by our propagation ladies. My wife and I sat in the parking lot with the Swansons…great people…from Arcola Creek Nursery…talking until 9:30 PM. So many great people in this industry!