Giving Garden

April 28, 2013

Spring is slowly sneaking up on us in NE Ohio! Two weeks ago…the spring peepers began their late-afternoon chorus. Today I noticed the Kingfisher is back. In addition to the big guy who patrols our middle pond, there is a smaller Kingfisher who lords over the smaller pond behind our garden center. This week the skunk cabbage and trilliums appeared in woodlots around Perry. Every year there are fewer trilliums because of the deer. Our first Myosotis was blooming by our house this morning. There are lots of ‘minor bulbs’ blooming as well. I don’t know the names of them but my wife does. That’s why we stay together. I talk a lot but she actually knows things.

flowersThis weekend we helped out Perry High School with their ‘giving garden’, delivering topsoil and mulch, providing a few perennials for their ‘cutting garden’. Mark Soeder is the teacher in charge…what a great guy. The students love him. He also brings me in each year to talk to his ‘special topics class’ about Nursery Immigration. A great opportunity for me to mislead and misguide the impressionable youth of America. Below is a link to information about the garden:

Tomorrow several of us in the nursery industry are having lunch with Congressman Dave Joyce about ‘immigration reform’. First of all, I’m thankful to Congressman Joyce for this opportunity. Second, I am absolutely amazed at how much bipartisan support exists in our Country for resolving this issue! On the talk shows this morning (that’s how I spend my Sunday mornings!) there were smart influential people calling for reform. What ever happened to Lou Dobbs? (I don’t care, I’m just glad he no longer divides us on this issue)