Garden Center

Hours for Summer
Monday through Saturday
9 to 5

10 to 3

We’re proud of the way our garden center looks right now!  A great selection of perennials, herbs, ground covers, trees, shrubs.  We still have hanging baskets and other annuals!

A deer problem?  Try our home-grown Boxwood.  Kris can discuss other ‘deer proof’ plants!

We also have ‘native plants’ like hardy prickly pear cactus, milkweeds, garden phlox, sedum ternatum, carex pennsylvanicum, service berry, joe pye weed (from local seed) and many many more.

This is our 70th year for Gilson Gardens…Kris and I will turn 65 in September…(also in September we hope to celebrate our 45th anniversary!)

In connection with these monumental events, we plan to downsize our lives, hopefully to a simpler existence and a smaller carbon footprint, and downsize the nursery.  It’s possible this will be our final season.  Stay tuned! 

In the meantime, as originally planned, we will close our garden center at the end of June.  We plan to reopen for a couple weeks in September!

Kris and Mark Gilson

Honeylocust leaves in the garden center, October 2013