Garden Center

After 70 years in  business…we closed our garden center on Friday June 30th, 2017!

What a fun final week!  Lots of customers…lots of sales at 50% off!…lots of visitors…lots of tears… On the final day, customers and employees and some people from the community brought in wine, champagne, food and lots of good will and memories…

Kristine was still in the day after…changing signs, working with employees and consignors, moving things back from the road-side, talking with customers in disbelief!  She is a community hero!  It was great to see her yesterday walking with customers and a glass of champagne…laughing and crying!

That phase is over…another phase begins… 

‘It’s strange not to be watering and taking care of customers every Saturday and Sunday and every other day of the week!’ says Kris.  ‘I miss our customers!  But I’m keeping engaged with flowers by working part-time at Ballantines Florist in Mentor.  Also, I enjoy having more time for book club, card club and visiting with friends.  This afternoon I’m joining two former workers in Geneva for my first time at zip-lining!’  (June 21, 2018)

For good plants and great customer care, visit our Passport-to-Plants partners at Sabos-Woodside (Madison), Middle Ridge Gardens (Madison) and Martin’s Nursery (Perry).  We also recommend that you visit our longtime customer and friend, South Ridge Gardens (Perry).


Honeylocust leaves in the garden center, October 2013


Garden Center and former florist shop…For Sale! 

price $170,000 

Two and a half acres on North Ridge Road with 70-year history! Annual sales ranging from $207,000 to $508,000 (including floral).

Opportunity to purchase additional acres of wholesale nursery and office space that would provide hardy plants, perennials, annuals and vegetable plants for retail and wholesale sale.  Employees with considerable experience and expertise available to make this work!

Tax return for fiscal year 3/31/2016 available for review demonstrating $950,000 in annual sales for entire nursery (including two additional farms) with $50,000 in taxable income.   Peak sales in prior years amounted to $1.7 Million.