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Honeylocust leaves in the garden center, October 2013

Honeylocust leaves in the garden center, October 2013

Founded in 1947, the family-owned company began with a single greenhouse and a roadside stand offering bare-root perennials and field-grown shrubs. In recent years up to 35 employees were engaged in retail and growing operations on three farms with over 35 acres in production.

During 2017 the owners, Kris and Mark Gilson, approaching age 65, elected to liquidate the nursery and garden center, hopefully selling to others interested in maintaining this proud horticultural tradition!

We believe that a nursery should play a unique and important role in the community. It should be a pleasant and mellow place to visit or work, a place to connect with people and plants, a place to learn, a place to grow. Since 1983 over 750 workers sweated over the fields and greenhouses at Gilsons! Our proudest achievement relates to all the student-workers we have employed over the years!  During 2017 we had children of former student workers on staff!  In addition, we continue to cherish and respect this fertile land along the shores of Lake Erie and the rich ecosystem that surrounds it.  We take seriously our responsible stewardsip during the short time (70 years!) and the three generations that it was on loan to us.

During 2018 Kris has moved on to part-time work at Ballantines Florist in Mentor.  Mark continues to wrap up nursery affairs and intends to find a ‘real job’, perhaps in accounting,  sometime soon!

While our final season is bittersweet, there is a beginning and ending to all human endeavors.  We will continue the website along with Mark’s posts on environmental horticulture, nursery history and the human zoo.

Mark Gilson, President, has backed up this commitment with personal involvement in community and industry activities:

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